Social commitment

All the brilliance, social repercussion, or admiration that many people feel for us is useless if we use it all exclusively for our own benefit. The true success that comes from awards and recognition is contributing to the happiness of others. That’s why we will always be close to those who need us, and will collaborate and work as best we can. Our highest admiration goes to Astaemur, Aspanovas, UNICEF, and many others for being our role models; for teaching us the essentials.


GastroTEA is a solidarity event organized by ASTEAMUR (Association for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder of Murcia – -), with the aim of raising funds for therapeutic interventions of children with autism and to raise awareness in society about the disorder. In 2014 we did a show-cooking, a cooking workshop with autistic children and we offered a gala dinner.



ASPANOVAS is the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer of Bizkaia. The menu entitled ‘Great Chefs, Great Causes’, Great Chefs, Great Causes, was available from June the 8th 2015 and for two months at Iberian restaurants in London and Iberian Manchester. Eneko Atxa, representing Azurmendi, offered his dish exclusively to Ibérica: the “Kaipiritxa”. 20% of the profits went entirely to ASPANOVAS.

Pachacútec institute of culinary arts

We take part in a training support with Slow Food Bilbao-Bizkaia, the City Council of Bilbao (Department of Health and Consumption) and the Pachacútec Institute. The training support will cover, among others, the following subjects:

a) Nutrition, nutritional property of food.

b) Importance of a balanced diet. Analysis of the nutritional pyramid.

c) Food security, manipulated food.

d) Assessment of the basic natural food resources necessary for life.

Instituto de cocina Pachacútec
Sanfilippo Cooking Night

Sanfilippo Cooking Night

Eneko Atxa participated in 2015 in the solidarity cocktail Sanfilippo Cooking Night, under the motto «SABOREA ILUSIONES» (taste ilussions), cooking 12 creations exclusively for this occasion. Sanfilippo syndrome is a rare degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that belongs to a group of genetic diseases known as storage lysosomal disorder.

“Universo de sonrisas” Unicef

Collaboration in the book “UNIVERSO DE SONRISAS” (Universe of Smiles). A first aid manual for fathers and mothers in distress. It contains 31 famous and expert answers to 31 genuine and original questions formulated by Martin, the son of the author of the book, during his first five years of life. The proceeds have been earmarked for UNICEF’s emergency fund for refugee children in Syria.

"Universo de sonrisas" Unicef

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