The trajectory of Eneko Atxa is a story cooked with honesty, creativity, and effort. After becoming one of the youngest chefs to get a third Michelin star with Azurmendi***, his cuisine grew and evolved, making way for new culinary proposals such as his international projects ENEKO, ENEKO BASQUE, NKO, Nigiri Basque House and Debokata.

The son of Teresita and Jesus Mari

Eneko Atxa is recognized in more than half the world for his cooking, but in his hometown, Amorebieta, Biscay he is and always will be the son of Teresita and Jesus Mari. His cuisine pays homage to the pleasure of identity, home cooking, and his origins. We invite you to retrace his story and discover the man behind the apron.

Jaki[n] Project

“Using cooking to achieve a more sustainable, healthy, and just society”.

Azurmendi watches over the development of the entities that shape the social environment, taking an active part in activities where it can carry out more effective social work in line with its capabilities, while also promoting measures that contribute to environmental sustainability.