In these times when everything seems so fleeting and ephemeral, where trends seem to have more value than authentic convictions, comes a project that aims to “cook” a different way of doing things.

Cooking a better future

Jaki[n] is not an idea, it is a real, tangible project, with real actions; a living project in constant development and simply strives to be a platform that, through its own knowledge base and that of others, contributes towards a better, more sustainable world committed to the environment, health, social commitment, and thus, people. In short, it’s a happier world.

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The restaurant, the relationship with its surroundings, and its suppliers are designed in a sustainable way

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Taking care of our team's health and, of course, that of our clients through our kitchen

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Social commitment

Use our social recognition to help people

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A hotbed of ideas and projects to collaborate in different fields

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